With over 160 chapter members, a significant portion of the Coalition’s work is done through committees. The goal is to create and implement programs that will enhance our community.

Economic Empowerment Committee 

This committee’s primary goal is to educate women and young girls on the ways to survive in the world from a position of economic strength. Implementation of these goals is through mentoring, financial and career development workshops and seminars.

Education Committee 

This committee’s primary goal is to educate on the advocacy issues of today. It is responsible for development and implementation of programs that will enhance and encourage leadership skills in young women as well as advocate for African American females involved in educational systems. The committee also oversees and makes recommendations on the scholarship programs.

Health Committee

This committee’s primary goal is to educate women on the issues and disparities that have great impact on African American women. The areas include HIV/AIDS, SIDS, Breast Cancer, early detection and general health and fitness.

Public Policy Committee 

Public policy and community affairs have great impact on African American women and girls. By providing updates on legislative related issues of interest to the Coalition’s mission and national initiatives, this committee develops legislative packets focusing on voter rights, health, education and economic development as well as hosting candidate forums.